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13 травня 2021

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10.10.2019 13:54
Автор: Maksurov Alexey Anatolevich, PhD in Law, Professor, Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko
[Секція 1. Теорія держави і права. Філософія права]

The Isle of Man is also missing executed in a single act of the constitution of the island.

We have not found coordinating rule of law and constitutional provisions.

At the same time, the very methodology of coordination is actively used by the legislator and the executive Isle of Man.

For example, it is very evident in the series Government Property Act, where the need to harmonize the action is related to the efficiency of the state.

Much public concern about the Isle of Man cause coordination problems in the energy sector.

So, «Energy policy and climate change are directly linked and require effective coordination across many branches of Government. To facilitate this, the Council of Minister’s Environment and Infrastructure Committee (EIC) was created. The role of the EIC is to ensure the Isle of Man’s policy on energy is sustainable for future generations. The three key aims are to: maintain the security of energy supply; secure the efficient use of affordable energy and minimise the impact of our energy use on the Environment.

Much has been achieved in recent years to ensure we use our environment sustainably. Government has invested in our energy infrastructure, our commercial sector and our social and housing sectors to reduce our dependency on imported energy and to improve our economic competitiveness and this remains an on-going process. A Report by the Council of Ministers on the Strategy for Offshore Energy Production was published April 2014 to outline the strategy for Renewable Energy and Hydrocarbons» [1].

The Cabinet Office (CO ) plays a central role in the work of the Isle of Man Government, co-ordinating its corporate initiatives and managing its international relationships. In a changing, highly competitive and globalised world, these aspects of government are of increasing relevance to the future prosperity and well-being of the Island and its people. CO contributes to the good government of the Isle of Man by providing professional advice and services to the Chief Minister, the Council of Ministers and to His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor. The Office plays a key supportive role by working in partnership with Departments, Boards and other Offices to ensure the development of effective policies and the delivery of efficient public services that promote the Island’s economy, quality of life, and sense of community. CO’s mission, in short, is to support a modern and dynamic government and protect the international reputation of the Isle of Man, so that all residents may feel they have the freedom to flourish [2].

Coordinating legal norms traditionally little in civil rights and much more in the field of administrative law. Unfortunately, little coordination standards in criminal law and criminal procedure, the judicial system. The acts of the executive branch coordination rules is not enough. No doctrine of legal coordination.


1. Official message from the Isle of Man Government // https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/departments/economic-development/energy/

2. Official message from the Isle of Man Government // https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/offices/cabinet-office/

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